Tony and Amy owe their relationship mainly to the “close-knit” nature of the grammar schools of Stratford-upon-Avon. 

How they missed each other for a year or two we don’t know but they finally came together to enjoy the delights of Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbour (you know you love it). 
Sharing 3 hours of tortured Hollywood epic led to an unbreakable bond, which was to last years.  Their timing was far from ideal, it being shortly before university, but thankfully nothing was going to stand in their way.  Through gap years, electives, years abroad, break ups and make ups they came out the other side and are ready to face more adventures together. 

On the 14th February 2009, Tony and Amy went for a stroll along the beach at Milford-on-Sea.  While Amy was occupied taking photos of pebbles that looked like animals, Tony was nervously searching for the right moment to pop the question.  He found the moment shortly after the capturing of the above monkey pebble.  A few tears and words in the affirmative later, they were engaged.